Evita Legzdiņa
by Evita Legzdiņa

Analyze Jira Apps with eazyBI

Atlassian is a rich ecosystem with native and 3rd party apps covering almost every aspect of DevOps lifecycle, from project and time management to test and asset management and beyond. Analyze and visualize Jira and many popular Jira apps–all in one place with eazyBI. Find out how to extend your Jira reporting perspective with eazyBI.

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Līva Pavasare
by Līva Pavasare

eazyBI: More Than a BI Tool

In our team, I might be the last person involved in eazyBI product development. That gives me another perspective–to see behind the everyday business. We don’t just build a great Business Intelligence tool; we bring many other gifts to this world. As it is our 10th anniversary in March, let me give you a short glimpse of what else is going on at eazyBI.

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