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Amplifly by ACA IT strives to be your preferred Atlassian Solution Partner. We are very passionate about Atlassian products & we'd love to help you embrace them as much as we do. Whether you have questions concerning real life use in an agile environment, service management, configuration, training or just want to see how you can integrate the products in your processes and environment, we are there to help you.


Adaptavist helps the world’s most complex Enterprises get more from Atlassian software through professional services, Add-Ons, training and managed services. We have been working with Atlassian software since 2005 and are trusted by over half of the Fortune 500 to understand their business needs and deliver the right solutions.

Canada United States of America United Kingdom

The ALMtoolbox team provides professional services in application life-cycle management (ALM), software configuration management (SCM), and DevOps - from planning to implementation. ALMtoolbox has proven knowledge and experience in all aspects of IT with a special focus on Jira, Git and Confluence: infrastructures, methodology & planning, implementation, integration, and customization.

Israel France United States of America

Amrut Software is the biggest and oldest Atlassian Solution Partner in India with customers from all around the world – India, UAE, Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, and USA. We provide help and 24*7 support for DevOps implementation, plugin development, ALM, Migration, and integrations. Our clients range from IT, telecom, finance, Automobiles, shipping, and other industries.


atSistemas is a leading IT consulting company in Spain. Because of our ability to provide services using the widest range of technologies, atSistemas has enjoyed a sustained growth since its inception in 1994. Having more than 850 IT professionals, atSistemas has been able to build a client portfolio that now includes more than 100 customers from different sectors, and among them, the largest finance & insurance companies in Spain.


Automation Consultants (AC) helps customers manage projects and produce software more efficiently by optimising their processes and configuring Atlassian tools to fit them. They also help improve security and maintainability by merging duplicate Atlassian instances, migrating them to secure, supported environments and integrating them with corporate LDAP systems.

United Kingdom

Avisi is an Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solutions Partner based in the Netherlands. Our goal is to empower clients and to contribute to their success. We achieve this thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience of the entire Atlassian suite, in combination with a broad and solid network of Atlassians and add-on vendors. We assist our clients in deploying software factories, service desks, social intranets, and other business critical solutions, on strategic, tactical and operational levels.


bit2bit Americas provides professional services focused on agile software development, business processes and service desk solutions. Our team is experienced in practices and frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, XP, DevOps, SAFe®, ITIL and CobIT.
bit2bit Americas Atlassian Solution services are delivered throughout the Americas in Spanish or English.

Latin America United States of America

Strategy Implementation,Training & Hosting; Cloud, Server and Data Center expertise. Jira: configuration, integration, process definition, Agile/ project/ portfolio management. Service Desk and ITIL consulting. Confluence: designed and implemented intranets, wikis and workflows since 2001. Extensive add on expertise.

Canada United States of America

Burti is an experienced WEB and ERP/CRM solution expert with more tan 11 years of experience. Specialized in implementing Atlassian and Hansaworld products effectively in various businesses accross the world. The creator of flex.bi - the easiest sales, financial and CRM reporting and dashboarding solution for Hansaworld – based on eazyBI.


catworkx is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner located in Germany and Austria. Providing business solutions and process consulting Based on Atlassian products. Major companies trust their operations excellence in large-scale data center installations. Individual client needs are covered by catworkx add-on solutions and licensing services.

Germany Austria

Celix Solutions has been an Atlassian Solution partner since 2006, offering coaching, training and consultancy services for all Atlassian tools. Assisting customers in tailoring the tools to their needs, developing customer specific plugins and modifications, and providing support for installations with 25 to 10,000+ users.


An Atlassian Partner for over ten years, Clearvision’s services help the world’s biggest enterprises successfully deploy solutions around Atlassian software and harness the benefits of collaborative, agile teamwork. Our experts are trusted by 800+ global organisations to design and deliver solutions to empower teams to reach their full potential.

United States of America United Kingdom India Ireland

Communardo Software is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and a leading specialist for enterprise 2.0 software solutions. Communardo provides licensing of Atlassian products, consulting, software engineering, support and training services as well as application management. We also provide apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Germany Austria

Coyote Creek Consulting helps organizations of all sizes make the most of Atlassian's tools, including Jira, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Hipchat, Bamboo, and BitBucket. Our engineers' Atlassian knowledge, years of experience with development teams, and deep understanding of multiple development methodologies translate into success for you.

United States of America

CSDN, founded in 1999, is the largest developer service platform in China with 30 million registered users. Providing software development services for more than 15 years. CSDN specializes in implementing best practices in Atlassian tools regarding Agile, ALM, DevOps and IT services for small to large companies throughout China. Their industry experience and expertise ensures customer long-term success.


For 15 years, we have been delivering outstanding products, agile client-centric solutions, and creating collaborative and shared value IT services. From software development to governance processes, we take the Atlassian tools to the top of developers, project managers and corporate officers.


Demicon is your Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner for consulting services and solutions of high quality and excellence. Located in Stuttgart, Berlin and Hamburg, we support enterprise and industry customers globally. We develop and implement innovative & agile software, and focus on highly efficient solutions to get the most from the Atlassian toolchain - by understanding the customer's business processes and their needs in the right context.


Deviniti (formerly InTENSO) delivers reliable, high performance solutions that provide significant business value to over 5 million customers in 64 countries. Delivering technology-driven business results to help clients boost their operations. The team of 250+ IT experts at Deviniti are the foundation of success on which our and our clients’ success has been built on.


Platinum Enterprise Partner of choice for companies looking to maximize the benefits of Atlassian tools. We help define and implement ITSM processes following best practices. Local (NY/FL) and remote consultants for training, support, administration, migrations, upgrades, customizations and integrations for Atlassian Cloud, Server and Data Center.

United States of America Brazil

flex.bi is a business intelligence and reporting system that is based on eazyBI. Specialising in ERP based solutions for team motivation, target monitoring, financials, project and warehouse management. flex.bi provides custom integrations, consulting, training, and implementation services for Jira, HansaWorld Standard ERP, CMR, and other software solutions.

Latvia Lithuania Estonia Finland Sweden United Kingdom

GetConnected provides tailor-made solutions based on the Atlassian suite, starting from client needs and managing projects from initial analysis to post-production activities. Ingredients: high-level consultancy and certified development skills of our teams. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction!


International consulting group with a focus on innovation and agility, Herzum is an Atlassian Solution Partner since 2005, helping customers succeed with big or small Atlassian adoptions, from installation to complex customizations. Experts with both the tools and with the development and Atlassian best practices.

United States of America Italy United Kingdom India

HyperVelocity Consulting is your Atlassian and Agile specialist headquartered in Los Angeles, serving clients locally in Southern California and Enterprise clients globally. They provide complete Agile Transformations and focus their tools practice exclusively on the Atlassian suite, providing implementation, training, and 24-hour technical support.

United States of America

We are passionate about Atlassian products. Our company offers a wide range of professional services for your favorite Atlassian product. We will help your team to communicate better, work more efficiently and ensure that you get the most out of your investment in Atlassian products.

Germany Austria

itTrident is a leading software services company in Chennai, India. An entity of TridentSQA providing software development and testing services serving clients globally for the past 6 years.</br> Our portfolio of services includes software development, software testing and Project Management Office (PMO). We do off-shore software services model and have expertise in different industry verticals, our employees are certified in ISTQB, Agile Scrum and XP methodologies. Our immense experience in the IT industry with right leadership, best practices and continuous research and development have made us the Center of Excellence (CoE) over the years.


Manageware is an Atlassian gold partner in Israel. Recent STKI market research marked Manageware as the ALM leader in Israel in implementing end-to-end ALM and Agile methodologies. With Jira and Confluence. Helping development teams reduce rework and get more out of their resources. Selling licenses, providing local support, implementation, training services and custom plug-ins.


META-INF joined Atlassian Parner Program in 2007 amongst the first ones in Europe. We provide a wide range of services including license reselling, consultancy, customization, addon development (our addons are used by nearly 4M individuals wordwide), training (hundreds of professionals attend our courses every year), product support.


MethodA Computers Ltd. is the leading provider of KM & ALM solutions in Israel. MethodA is a full-service Atlassian Solution Partner, providing a complete set of services for Atlassian products: licensing, consulting, installation and configuration, customization, training, and ongoing support. Their experts will help you optimize your entire development processes.


IT & Blockchain Services, Jira Plugins & Trainings based in Barcelona (Spain) and Bologna (Italy). Providing solutions and integrations for your business needs. BPO Services. Know-how in Agile Software developments (Scrum & Kanban). Consulting services with the best professional tools. Experts in all Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket) and some of the best plugins (Tempo, eazyBI, ScriptRunner, etc.) Developing plugins for Jira Server and Jira Cloud, Google Chrome, Android, iPhone and more.

Spain Italy
MrAddon Training

  • eazyBI for Jira basic concepts, basic reports, the power of BI.
  • eazyBI for Jira for reporting professionals, advanced concepts, MDX.
  • Mastering eazyBI – advanced data import, databases, REST:API import.


New Verve Consulting provides Atlassian solutions and agile project management services, empowering teams to work effectively together. We love agile methodologies and tools that promote collaboration. Our experts can help your business to roll out Jira and Confluence solutions that promote teamwork and deliver real value. You'll also gain unique insights and peace of mind!

United Kingdom

OAT Solutions is a Brazilian IT Company focused on process improvement through productivity tools, process definition and training services. As an Atlassian Solution Gold Partner, OAT is ready to assist customers that look for training, configuration, deployment or licensing, as well as plugins development.


Praecipio Consulting is a U.S. based Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Expert company. Established in 2006, Praecipio Consulting leverages the Atlassian suite to provide IT and business process solutions to companies of all sizes and industries. With clients including Global Fortune 1 to 20 person startup companies, Praecipio Consulting delivers best-in-class Atlassian products and services to increase productivity and maximize profit with efficient, expert processes.

United States of America

Prepend is a full-service Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. Providing hosting, configuration, integration, training, customised solutions and licenses. Prepend's professional services are focused on the Dutch market. They will assist you in getting the most out of the Atlassian products within your organisation and teams.


Riada is a full stack Atlassian solution partner based in the Nordics. Our whole business is focused on delivering enterprise services related to Atlassian products, in short: we do it all and we do it well. We’re also the creators of Insight for Jira, the award winning solution for asset management and ITSM. In 2015, Riada was awarded the Atlassian President’s award for Technical Excellence.


Rozdoum is an expert in add-on development, setup, and consultancy for the whole stack of Atlassian products. With a proven track record of customization of Atlassian products since 2008 we offer solid consultancy services to support your infrastructure of Atlassian products and make it even better with custom-developed apps tailored to your needs.


SEIBERT MEDIA is an official partner for all Atlassian products. With over 140 people located in the Rhein-Main area, providing full service for the Atlassian stack. Offering consulting, training, licensing, customization, optimization, hosting and plugin development. Serving 70% of all DAX companies. Developer of Linchpin (Confluence-based intranet) and Codeyard (Atlassian based development infrastructure).


ServiceRocket is a Platinum Solution Partner with over 50 certifications and thousands of Atlassian clients worldwide. Experienced deploying Atlassian products and services including training, implementation, migrations, and upgrades. ServiceRocket is also known for popular Apps connecting Atlassian products to Salesforce, Box, and Google Drive.

Australia Malaysia United States of America

Spectrum Groupe is a consulting and services company. We specialize in managing collaborative platforms, agile projects, and shared service centers using Atlassian products and Marketplace apps. From solution design to end users training and support, we help our clients to build Jira based ALM platforms and Confluence-based intranets.


Valiantys is a top Platinum Solution Partner with proven expertise in DevOps, Agile and ITSM. Providing client-tailored services to over 3,500 companies has won us an Atlassian Partner of the Year award from 2013 - 2017. We are a global company with certified consultants in Boston and NYC, able to assist with local and international deployments.

Belgium Canada France Netherlands Switzerland United Kingdom United States of America
Valiantys Training

  • Understand the capabilities of eazyBI
  • Be familiar with the main concepts of eazyBI: eazyBI account, account user, source data, cube, dimension, measure
  • Get an overview of MDX (multidimensional expressions)


venITure is your full-Service provider for Atlassian products & customized solutions. Based in Cologne (Köln), Germany we focus on integrating Confluence, Crowd, HipChat, Jira Core & Software, Service Desk and licensing support. We offer consulting, development, managed hosting, license management, remote & on-site support, training and workshops.


As Atlassian Solution Partners since 2007, Xpand IT as an remarkable track-record of Atlassian implementations across Europe. Xpand IT provides Atlassian consulting services, training, add-on development and managed-hosting.

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