Join eazyBI at Partner Events This Autumn Ilze Leite-Apine

Join eazyBI at Partner Events This Autumn

Hey there, data enthusiasts! 📊

We hope you are excited about the upcoming autumn season. At eazyBI, we're thrilled to announce that we'll be participating in several Atlassian ecosystem events this autumn, organized by our partners, and we just couldn't wait to share our enthusiasm with you.

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Miss Out!

So, why should you attend these events (besides all obvious business reasons) and seize the opportunity to meet us there? Well, here are five compelling reasons:

1. Real Stories, Real Knowledge

At eazyBI, we're all about sharing real stories. We don't just promote our products; we dive deep into the world of data analysis and reporting based on our own experiences and those of our customers. We try to keep our presentations practical, with useful insights into how you can make the most of the eazyBI reporting app. You won't hear marketing jargon; you'll get valuable, applicable knowledge from eazyBI experts.

2. Direct Access to Our Experts

Wondering why something isn't working as expected? Do you have a burning question about the eazyBI reporting app? Well, here's the opportunity to get answers directly from the source! Our customer support and development team representatives will be available to assist you. While we can't guarantee instant solutions for everything, a real-life conversation can often provide the spark needed to move forward.

3. Connect with Real People

Behind the "customer" label are real humans with unique interests, challenges, passions, and needs. We love connecting with you on a personal level and getting to know the faces behind the data. After all, real people create our product, and we're eager to show you the human side of eazyBI! Just come along to stop by and say “Hi!” to us!

4. Have a Say in Our Products

Your voice matters! Many of the features and improvements in our reporting tool were born out of conversations at events just like these. So, attending gives you a real chance to shape the future of eazyBI. We genuinely look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

5. Get Inspired

Even if you're not looking for a new reporting app, you're welcome to join us to discuss Jira data analysis and reporting. We're data analysis fans at heart and believe meaningful connections and conversations can lead to groundbreaking ideas.

Meet Our Team at the Events

Now that you know why our team is so excited about these upcoming events, let's give you the details:

  1. ACA Team Up 2023 (September 12, Antwerp, Belgium). Zane and Gerda from eazyBI customer support will be there and share how to stay on track and ensure timely completion of version readiness using eazyBI reporting and dashboards.

  2. ProgrezCon 2023 (September 20, Jakarta, Indonesia). Raimonds, CEO of eazyBI, and Nauris from customer support will be in this Atlassian Jira Service Management-related event and showcase how to bridge gaps in data to deliver great end-to-end service using eazyBI reports and dashboards.

  3. Deviniti Jira Day '23 (October 17-18, Krakow, Poland). In this two-day event, one of the most experienced eazyBI support consultants, Mārtiņš, will share how important communication is between customer and team to deliver excellent service and how to use eazyBI reports and charts as a foundation for clear conversation. Meanwhile, Oskars, also an eazyBI support consultant, will demonstrate how to explore data and find ​surprising discoveries.

  4. Trundl JiraCon23 (October 4, online). This 3rd annual Atlassian Community virtual event allows you to connect from all around the globe. Zane, Ilze, and Elita from the support team will be in the virtual eazyBI booth to chat with you, and Ilze will share reporting needs and solutions with eazyBI regarding Jira Works Management.

  5. Nimble Evolution Experience 2023 (November 29 - December 1, Sao Paulo, Brazil). Right before the Holiday season, Ilze and Mārtiņš from support and Lauma from the dev team will be open to talk about reporting in this 3-day event. While we usually speak with customers in English, Lauma can showcase tips and tricks for using eazyBI reporting in Portuguese!

  6. Atlas Camp (December 04-05 Copenhagen, Denmark) is back! We’re excited that Atlassian’s flagship developer event has returned. With the main theme Mission: Accelerate, it is an event to bring the developer community together and explore new ways of building apps for today’s Marketplace. Look closely at the agenda and find out what Raimonds (eazyBI founder and CEO) is going to share with the community!

  7. Atlassian Presents: Unleash (December 11-12, Amsterdam, Netherlands). eazyBI team —Daina (development), Svetlana (marketing), Raimonds (founder and CEO), and Roberts (support)—are going to be part of this biggest DevOps and Agile event of the year. Come to our booth for insightful reporting discussions, expert tips, and advice!

Don't miss these fantastic opportunities to connect, learn, and grow with us this autumn. Mark your calendars, pack your enthusiasm, and prepare for some unforgettable experiences in the world of data analysis and reporting.

See you there!

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