One More Year in eazyBI's Journey on Cloud Raimonds Simanovskis

One More Year in eazyBI's Journey on Cloud

In March, we celebrate the eazyBI anniversary (it is the 13th), and birthdays are usually a suitable time to look back and see how far we have come during the year. In the Atlassian ecosystem, this year marked the end of Server products, concluding the transition of the past few years toward a Cloud-first approach. eazyBI app has always been on Cloud—eazyBI Reports and Charts for Jira was the first Atlassian Connect app to launch in September 2013, and this year only reinforced the focus on Cloud solutions. Here's a look at eazyBI's journey throughout the year, its approach to the Cloud, continuous innovations, and customer-focused growth.

Cloud-First Approach and Customer Migrations

From the very beginning, eazyBI introduced new features to Cloud customers first, before rolling them out to Server and Data Center users. In such a way, eazyBI for Jira on Cloud has always been an up-to-date version, providing new features for Cloud customers even months before customers on-premises. Not only once customers' fast feedback help to shape a feature or improvement before it was launched in the server version.

The core functionality of eazyBI has been identical across all deployment options—Cloud, Server, and Data Center. This consistency made eazyBI migration from Server or Data Center to Cloud easy for customers. We launched the eazyBI database migrator to provide self-service migration of all eazyBI accounts, reports, and dashboards. Together with the Atlassian ecosystem transition to Cloud products, it resulted in the rapid growth of eazyBI Cloud customers during 2023—the number of active Cloud customer accounts increased by 36%.

To support the expansion of Cloud customers and ensure that their reports and charts are always accessible and imports run as scheduled, we needed to upgrade the eazyBI system infrastructure. We implemented a new scalable deployment solution to ensure that eazyBI for Cloud is always accessible and runs smoothly. As a result, eazyBI's availability exceeded 99.9%, with no critical availability incidents reported in 2023.

Innovations and Integrations

Apart from focusing on migrations to the Cloud, eazyBI released several new features. Recognizing that too much information might be as helpful as no information, we delivered features to access essential data when and where it is most needed, such as conditional report alerts and customizable dashboard email subscriptions. Another group of improvements helped to group and re-group data in reports using custom hierarchies, building them in the Time and several test management dimensions. To help our customer keep track of what’s new in their reporting app, we reorganized the news feed within the app and added a new section in the documentation about the latest features on Cloud.


Conditional Alerts: essential information at your fingertips

Moreover, eazyBI expanded its ecosystem by integrating with other apps—DevOps data import from Bitbucket Cloud and GitHub, data from Time to SLA app, and improved integrations with Xray and Zephyr test management apps.

A fun addition was the Comic Style mode, introduced on April Fools' Day, designed to lighten the mood at status meetings. Additionally, a dark theme was introduced around Halloween at the end of October, offering a seasonal twist. Last year, we introduced the world with our four-legged colleagues, and they inspired us to bring to life two eazyBI cats—Di and Ray—and their journey in the eazyBI world.

Di and Ray enjoying the eazyBI Comic Style report

Focus on Security and Data Residency

eazyBI has also focused on enhancing its security measures, recognizing the importance of data security and privacy for Cloud services. We completed the SOC 2 Type 2 re-certification audit and launched a trust center page. This page, accessible through eazyBI Security on the Drata platform, allows customers to view the status of our compliance monitoring tests and request access to our SOC 2 report and policies.

In 2023, eazyBI introduced a data residency solution, adding the US region alongside the default EU region. New regions will be added based on customer needs in the coming years. Data residency options are available on our Atlassian Marketplace page Security & Privacy tab.

Exceptional Support and Community Engagement

eazyBI's commitment to customer support remained unchanged, earning high ratings and positive reviews that reflect the outstanding quality of our service.

As previously, the team actively engaged with the community through partner events all around the world and had countless chats with new and existing customers during Atlassian Team 2023 in Las Vegas, the USA. Those events were about sharing our insights and knowledge and learning from users and partners alike.

One of our credos has always been “Sharing is caring”. During the Atlassian Marketplace partner event AtlasCamp 2023, eazyBI's CEO Raimonds Simanovskis shared lessons learned throughout eazyBI’s journey in scaling, processing large data sets, enhancing security, and implementing data residency solutions.

We welcomed data analytic aficionados to the annual eazyBI Community Days in Riga, which was two days full of reporting-related stories and training; this year, we are expanding the tradition and bringing eazyBI Community Days to Berlin.

eazyBI Community Days 2023 in Riga

Since November, eazyBI customers can get eazyBI monthly news in their email, spotlight what is going on within the team, explore use cases and features and get glimpses of the vast knowledge shared on the eazyBI community platform.

What’s Next?

As eazyBI continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to providing its users with top-notch analytics solutions and support. With a focus on innovation, scalability, and customer satisfaction, eazyBI is poised for even greater achievements in the years to come.

Stay tuned, come to eazyBI Community Days in Berlin, and be first to know what eazyBI’s future brings!

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