Private eazyBI

Private eazyBI is an installable business intelligence tool that includes all the functionality of eazyBI Cloud.

Visualization and Reporting Tool

Private eazyBI is an installable,business intelligence tool that you can use on your own servers. Use Private eazyBI as your data analysis and reporting extension for your existing corporate applications to create flexible reports and dashboards or to perform extensive analysis and insight mining.

Just map your existing database tables to eazyBI dimensions and measures, and you’re ready to go.

Private eazyBI is easy to install and easy to upgrade. Customize its visual appearance by adding your logo, headers, footers, colors etc. Private eazyBI also allows you to develop additional integrations with other applications.

eazyBI Private

Private eazyBI uses the well-proven Mondrian OLAP engine to connect to data sources and execute multi-dimensional queries.

If you are connecting private eazyBI to external databases then eazyBI cubes, dimensions, hierarchies, and measures are defined and mapped to your external database tables and columns using the Mondrian OLAP schema definition syntax.

To extend and customize Private eazyBI functionality, you will need a basic Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails web application framework knowledge.

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  • All standard integrations and many custom data sources
  • Full eazyBI installation on your own computer
  • Customize your visual appearance – your logo, headers, footers, colors, etc.
  • Develop additional integrations with other applications.
  • Extend and customize Private eazyBI functionality with the Ruby programming language.

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Questions, Feedback, Support, and Documentation

Please feel free to contact eazyBI support if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions. We are always happy to hear from our clients.

For more detailed information about the main eazyBI concepts, data import, and creation of charts, reports, and dashboards, please refer to Private eazyBI documentation.