BeyondTeam24: Coast-to-Coast Marketplace Mission Svetlana Avene Avenina

BeyondTeam24: Coast-to-Coast Marketplace Mission

The BeyondTeam24 tour has been an incredible adventure, uniting some of the brightest minds in the Atlassian ecosystem. Over two weeks, four independent Atlassian Marketplace vendors journeyed across two countries, the United States of America and Canada, visiting five vibrant cities: Austin, St. Louis, Toronto, Chicago, and New York. Our mission was simple: to connect, share, and grow with our partners and the wider Atlassian community.

We were honored to be joined by four exceptional Atlassian Marketplace vendors on this tour: eazyBI, easyAgile, Refined, and Resolution. We, as partners, brought our unique insights, innovative solutions, and a wealth of knowledge to every stop on our tour. Our tour took us to four major Atlassian community events in Austin, Texas; St. Louis, Missouri; Toronto, Ontario; and Chicago, Illinois. Each city welcomed us with open arms, and the enthusiasm of the Atlassian community was palpable. We had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of attendees, sharing stories, experiences, and insights.

The Highlights

Case Studies

We presented two compelling case studies that showcased the power of collaboration and innovation within the Atlassian ecosystem:

eazyBI and Easy Agile collaborated to deliver the insightful case study "Easy PI Planning and Reporting." We demonstrated how seamless integration between their tools can enhance PI planning and reporting within Jira. The session showcased their expertise in visualizing simple yet informative program boards, providing attendees with practical examples of how to streamline their agile processes. Additionally, we explored how to leverage data analytics to empower teams on their agile journeys, making a case for how these tools can drive more effective and informed decision-making. You can learn more about the case study by watching a video from Chicago ACE.

In a collaborative effort, Atlassian partners Refined and Resolution presented the case study "Enterprise Support: Internal and External." They explained how to elevate enterprise service management and customer support into intuitive, efficient experiences. The session highlighted ways to enhance agent efficiency and enable personalized content navigation. By demonstrating the synergies between their solutions, they showcased how these integrations can drive organizational success and improve overall support operations. You can learn more about the case study by watching a video from Chicago ACE.

Panel Discussion

The BeyondTeam24 tour featured engaging panel discussions that delved into the most standout moments of Team24. The discussions began with light-hearted topics like favorite ice cream flavors and pizza toppings and culminated in critical insights into Atlassian's latest announcements. Here's a summary of the key points discussed:

  1. Atlassian Guard and Cloud Security: Panelists discussed the timely introduction of Guard, Atlassian’s new security offering. They agreed it would be well-received by clients concerned about cloud data breaches, although some may question the necessity if they feel their current security is sufficient.

  2. Unification of Jira Software and Jira Work Management: The decision to merge these products into a single Jira was seen as a strategic move towards simplification. Panelists believed users would benefit from a more cohesive project management experience despite potential concerns about the transition process.

  3. Asset Data Manager in Jira: This new tool generated excitement for its potential to improve asset tracking and data management. However, there were discussions about the challenges of adapting existing processes and training teams to use it effectively.

  4. Introducing Atlassian Rovo: The introduction of Rovo, a new feature from Atlassian, was met with positive feedback. Partners expressed optimism about its potential to enhance collaboration and streamline workflows, anticipating strong adoption among users.

  5. Standardized Templates for JSM: Atlassian's release of standardized templates for Jira Service Management (JSM) was discussed. Panelists saw this as a valuable tool, especially for non-technical teams, to help with scalable processes. However, they also acknowledged the potential challenges in maintaining these templates over time.

  6. Atlassian University Introduction: The introduction of Atlassian University was highlighted as a great resource for non-technical teams to learn and improve their skills. This initiative was praised for its potential to make Atlassian tools more accessible to a broader audience.

These discussions provided valuable insights into the future of Atlassian tools and their impact on the community, showcasing the dynamic and evolving nature of the Atlassian ecosystem.


Solution Partners: We had the pleasure of meeting six Atlassian solution partners, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise: Praecipio, Adaptavist, Contegix, Valiantys, ISOS Technologies, and e-core.

Atlassian People and Community Leaders: One of the most rewarding aspects of the tour was meeting so many passionate Atlassian employees and Atlassian Community leaders. Their dedication and enthusiasm are truly inspiring and reaffirm the strength of the Atlassian ecosystem.


Looking back, the BeyondTeam24 tour was more than just a series of events; it was a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and community. We shared knowledge, learned from each other, and forged stronger connections. The energy and enthusiasm of the Atlassian community have left a lasting impression on all of us.

As we wrap up this incredible journey, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made it possible: our amazing partners: easyAgile, Refined and Resolution, the vibrant communities in each city, Atlassian, Atlassian community leaders, Atlassian Solution partners and all the Atlassian enthusiasts and customers who came out to engage with us. The BeyondTeam24 tour may be over, but the relationships and insights we gained will continue to inspire us as we move forward.

Here’s to many more adventures, collaborations, and innovations in the future!

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