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An excellent tool with an excellent support team!! The best thing about this tool is its flexibility to support varied features.
We are moving all our reports to eazyBI and also creating new reports which help us work much faster.
Completely worth the price!!
Sakshi Mittal


Very useful tool and really great support. Thank you. We had to import external data and map some tricky data. Support helped us with the mapping, measures, and concepts. Really cool, thanx a lot!
Michael Sekyra


Excellent BI tool, LEGENDARY SUPPORT (never had such detailed and competent responses from any support team!), extremely customizable, clean interface design...

Give it a try, then stick to it for any report you need.
Stefano Coletta


Purchased eazyBI after a significant investigation to replacing our complex in-house built reports. In contrast to most of the other solutions, it is very mature in its configuration and features the power and flexibility required for my super users.
Angela Newton

CSG International

We are an Internet agency and using Harvest for time tracking and invoice generation. But it turned out that the built-in reports from Harvest are not able to provide real management insights.

Exporting data to third party apps and generating statistics by hand is time consuming and not flexible enough. With eazyBI we have found the solution that enables us to connect Harvest with a business intelligence tool that everyone can use.
Within a very short time we have created management dashboards that provide us important insights on profitability, liquidity and much more. I highly recommend eazyBI for every Harvest user!
Jörg Wukonig

CEO of wukonig.com

Working with the eazyBI custom reporting tool has been extremely valuable to our organization. It’s ability to pull data flawlessly from Highrise and Basecamp makes this a product we use every day at Brand Labs.
Kevin Harman

President of Brand Labs

We have only been using eazyBI for a few weeks and already their reporting has significantly helped our sales forecasting and planning. We love the simplicity of Highrise but it’s Deals tool lacks many fields we need to extract even the most simple forecast. eazyBI has enabled us to create a customised Excel report in the exact format we need, we can run reports quickly and they are always up to date.
Marc Risby

Director of Sales at Boxer Systems

Utilizing eazyBI for our weekly Zendesk status meetings provides us exactly what we need when it comes to observing month-to-month activity between our team and what we can predict for activity in the future.

The graphical reporting function eazyBI contains is easy to use and understand thanks to the lucid documentation that is provided. You can pretty much report on any data that Zendesk provides, creating reports that offer crucial information such as Comparison between Open and Solved Tickets per month and Total Resolution Time over the span of a year!

It’s a very cost-effective tool and, if specifically used with Zendesk, you’ll get the integration you’re looking for.
Ryan Finnerty

Operations Line Coordinator at EndoChoice

eazyBI has been a fantastic tool for our company. eazyBI allows us to quickly understand which projects are profitable, and what our client satisfaction is. eazyBI automatically pulls data from Basecamp on a nightly basis and provides us with easy to understand and useful reports.

Also, the customer service has been outstanding, providing great recommendations and guidance allowing us to achieve everything we want to do. I’d give both the product and the customer support a 10 out 10. I’d highly recommend eazyBI.
Jason Lindstrom

Managing Partner of Tidal Interactive

Questions, Feedback, Support, and Documentation

Please feel free to contact eazyBI support if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions. We are always happy to hear from our clients.

For more detailed information about the main eazyBI concepts, data import, and the creation of charts, reports, and dashboards, please refer to eazyBI documentation.

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