Custom Harvest Timesheet and Invoice Reports and Dashboards

Expand basic Harvest functionality with the easy-to-use and fast Harvest timesheets and invoices reporting system.

How It Works

An Overview of Harvest Timesheets and Invoices

Harvest is a web-based, time-tracking, and invoicing application used by many freelancers, small businesses, and professional teams.

Unfortunately, the built-in Harvest timesheet and invoice reporting system is limited.

eazyBI greatly extends standard Harvest reports with an advanced, easy-to-use, and flexible visualization, analysis, and reporting system.

  • Analyze your Harvest timesheets, billable and invoiced hours, billable amounts, projects, and expenses.
  • View your data by project, client, task, status, or person and narrow it down to a specific time period.
  • Analyze your Harvest invoices, such as amounts, items, discounts, taxes, issued and due dates.
  • Review your invoices by client, project, invoice status or category, currency, or a certain time frame.
  • You can also view all of your stats in one currency — thanks to currency exchange fields.
  • Personalized Harvest reports and dashboards with powerful calculations.
We are an Internet agency and using Harvest for time tracking and invoice generation. But it turned out that the built-in reports from Harvest are not able to provide real management insights.

Exporting data to third party apps and generating statistics by hand is time consuming and not flexible enough. With eazyBI we have found the solution that enables us to connect Harvest with a business intelligence tool that everyone can use.
Within a very short time we have created management dashboards that provide us important insights on profitability, liquidity and much more. I highly recommend eazyBI for every Harvest user!
Jörg Wukonig

CEO of

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Questions, Feedback, Support, and Documentation

Please feel free to contact eazyBI support if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions. We are always happy to hear from our clients.

For more detailed information about eazyBI for Harvest — concepts, data import, creation of charts, reports, and dashboards — please refer to eazyBI Harvest documentation.