Custom Confluence Reports and Analysis

Visualize and analyze your Confluence data. Discover most or least popular pages, labels, and spaces. Keep an eye on top authors, contributors, readers, or search queries.

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Better Confluence Overview and Content Management

  • Improve content discovery and accessibility.
  • Analyze Confluence data like pages created, authors, updates, and versions.
  • Identify most and least popular Confluence spaces, pages, or labels by views, likes or unique users.
  • Discover top search queries and the average number of suggested topics.
  • Analyze unique users and/or views over time, week-day, or hour of the day.
  • Review of newly created pages and updates by page type.
  • Perform page tree analysis with Top Page and Sub Pages.

Data Model and Connectivity

Analyze and visualize your Confluence statistics via custom reports in just a few clicks. Access Confluence data like created and updated pages, views, users, by space, page, author, label, date, the hour or the day, and more.

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Add External Data and Reports

With eazyBI for Confluence you can analyze not only Confluence data. Easily add your eazyBI for Jira reports to Confluence pages or connect to external data sources like SQL, REST API, Google Sheets, Excel, Git, and more. All reports are interactive and data is updated automatically with regular data imports.

MySQL integration

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PostgreSQL integration

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ORACLE integration

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Microsoft SQL Server integration

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CSV integration

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Microsoft Excel integration

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Google Sheets integration

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REST integration

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Custom Confluence Reports, Charts, and Dashboards

Analyze the performance of spaces, pages, authors, and viewers with custom Confluence reports, charts, and dashboards. Track your KPIs, identify empty, outdated, or dormant pages, and create new content strategically. The drag-and-drop custom report builder allows you to analyze your content at space or page level with just a few clicks.

Custom Confluence Reports, Charts, and Dashboards

Visualize, Analyze, and Explore Your Confluence Data

Explore and analyze your data right from the report. Drill-into details or across data dimensions with an instant feedback. Improve Confluence content management—find actionable insights, trends, and opportunities to make smart and data-driven decisions.

Publish reports in Confluence

Custom Calculations and Formulas for Advanced Users

Go beyond basic Confluence measures and create your own powerful calculations. From page-view distributions and page-search coverage reports, to complex engagement and impact ratios – there's no limit what you can do.

Search Query Report and Analysis
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11000+ Installs, 5000+ Customers from 150+ Countries

Thousands of customers from all around the world use eazyBI for reporting to make better decisions at all levels of management.

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Questions, Feedback, Support, and Documentation

Please feel free to contact eazyBI support if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions. We are always happy to hear from our clients.

For more detailed information about eazyBI for Confluence — data import, creation of charts, reports, and dashboards — please refer to eazyBI for Confluence documentation.