May 25–26, 2017 Riga, Latvia

eazyBI Community Days 2017

Use Cases, New Ideas, Best Practices, and Hands-On Workshops

Whether you are just starting out or already familiar with eazyBI, if you want to make the most of it and reach the full potential of your business reporting, eazyBI Community Days 2017 is a “must go” event this year.

Session Sneak Peek

Raimonds Simanovskis Founder & Core Developer - eazyBI, Latvia

Latest eazyBI Features and Future Ideas

Latest eazyBI features and hidden gems you did not know about. The past, the present, and the future of eazyBI – where have we been, where are we going, and what you can expect from eazyBI in a near future.

Stefan Kohler & Edwin Stol Consultants - Prepend, The Netherlands

Jira First, Reports Second

Your Jira data might not reflect your reporting needs. We will walk you through some adjustments and share our pro-tips on how to think about your reporting and data.

Patrick Wolf CTO Office - ASG Technologies, France

Getting the Big Picture

How to deliver products on time, with the relevant level of quality, and how to match the needs of your target markets.

Lisa Reilly Project Manager - Demonware, Ireland

Sticking Points in Product Release

A series of graphs to show what the sticking points were in 2 week releases for a project. For release retrospectives we use eazyBI to show stuck tasks, bugs vs. stories, trends over time, etc.

eazyBI Solution Experts eazyBI, Latvia

How to Think MDX: Similarities and Differences

How does MDX work? How is it similar, yet very different from SQL, JQL, or MS Excel formulas. How to think in ”Cubes“, ”Dimensions“, and “Measure cells” to make MDX work for you.

Christoph Ritter Consultant - CatWorkX, Germany

How to Finish Projects on Time, Every Time

How to measure the precision of your time-to-completion estimates to make sure that the due dates have been met. Benchmarks, target time analysis and comparison of expected results.

Lisa Reilly Project Manager - Demonware, Ireland

Recruitment Project Management

How to use Jira workflows and eazyBI to manage all the different stages of the recruitment process: screening, hiring manager review, phone interviews, on-site interviews etc.

Elvis Kvalbergs Flex.BI, Latvia

Workforce Motivation Using Dashboards

How we used a set of dashboards like team competition, sales data, phone call length, and gross profit amounts to achieve an impressive performance improvement in sales and new employee training.

eazyBI Support Team eazyBI, Latvia

Behind the Scenes: How eazyBI Support Works

From best practices to unique individual solutions, how to get the most out of eazyBI support. What do we need and what do we expect to be able to create truly great solutions to your reporting needs.

Day 1 - May 25

Day 2 - May 26