Data Protection Statement

eazyBI is a hosted service to store imported customers’ data and create eazyBI reports, charts, and dashboards (Services). eazyBI company is committed to protect our customers’ data by applying relevant technical and organizational controls while providing Services to customers. The controls are aimed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data processed during the use of our Services.

Data Confidentiality and Integrity

eazyBI applies following measures to ensure data confidentiality and integrity:

  • eazyBI hosted service uses Google Cloud Platform for data storage. eazyBI uses Google Cloud Platform Europe-West1 data center in Belgium.
  • Each eazyBI account imported data are stored in a separate database schema and are isolated from other customer data.
  • Each incoming web request is authenticated and authorized before access to customer data is allowed.
  • Data are encrypted during the data transit and encrypted at rest.
  • We develop our Services by applying relevant application security guidelines and perform code review to check the compliance with them.
  • Security bug fix process is established for immediate correction of identified security problems.
  • eazyBI employees have access to the customers’ data. All employees access data on the need-to-know bases and have signed non-disclosure statement as part of the employment contract.


The following measures ensure data availability:

  • eazyBI applies several system monitoring services to check the availability of the system and notify employees and customers about possible incidents related to the availability of the Services.
  • Full backups of eazyBI application databases are performed once per day and are retained for ten days for immediate access to restore the Service in the fastest possible way. All backup data are encrypted.
  • Disaster recovery and Data breach response processes are established to implement in the timely manner system recovery in case of an incident with impact on the availability of the Service.