History of issue status and remaining estimated hours

This option is not available anymore. You can Import remaining estimated hours history starting from eazyBI plugin version 1.7.0. This new option will import Remaining estimated hours change measure and Remaining estimated hours history calculated measure (can be used for remaining hours burndown chart) from JIRA issues changelog.

If during import you select Import issue status and estimates daily snapshots history then JIRA data import will also store current issue status and remaining estimated hours daily snapshot which will allow to create burndown / burnup style reports and charts. During import you can select if you would like to import history of issue status and estimates and how long history you would like to store.

During each JIRA import current status of all issues is stored in eazyBI issue daily history. Just one (last) daily snapshot is stored if you run import several times per day. Snapshot is stored only on dates when there are some changes in issue status (e.g. if you don’t do anything on weekends then no snapshot will be stored on weekend dates). As automatic daily JIRA import is scheduled then snapshot will be taken at least once per day when there are some activities.

NOTE: Daily issue snapshots will be stored only starting from the date when you first run JIRA data import into eazyBI plugin. It cannot be used to analyze issues historical data before initial import. Alternative solution is to use import of issue status transitions if you would like to analyze just historical changes of issue status.

There are two additional calculated measures that can be used - Issues in status history (shows number of issues based on combination of time dimension and any other dimension) and Remaining estimated hours history (shows sum of remaining estimated hours on particular date). You should combine these measures with Time dimension either on day level (you will see values for dates when snapshot was taken) or on monthly, quarterly, yearly, weekly level (last snapshot during that time period will be shown).