May 14–15, 2020

eazyBI Community Days 2020 | RIGA

IMPORTANT: While the eazyBI Community Days 2020 in Riga has not been cancelled, we are actively following the safety recommendations and limitations due to COVID-19. The ”state of emergancy“ in Latvia is declared until April 14.

200€ 150€
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Project Reporting Re-imagined

The annual eazyBI Community Days is the ultimate must-go event if you want to take your reporting to the next level and break the limits of what you think is possible…

From basic concepts, to advanced principles. Build a comprehensive decision support system for Jira, Confluence, or your own data warehouse. Improve the way you manage your time, projects, processes, assets, tests, and anything else. Put your reports on autopilot and let them work for you.

Here’s a short insight from the last year’s eazyBI Community Days in Riga, Latvia.

Why Should You Come?

What's New & Hot at eazyBI?

Latest eazyBI features, functions, and integrations. Upcoming releases, plans, and ideas. Inner-workings of eazyBI Cloud, Server, and Data Center: speed, performance, redundancy, and stability.

Level Up Your eazyBI Skills

Best practices and new ideas. Quick solutions and hidden gems. Wide set of topics and ideas from the deepest corners of our internal knowledge base—provided by our battle-tested eazyBI expert team.

Broaden Your Perspective

Ingenious, thoughtful, and practical examples from our customers and expert partners. Invaluable insights built from trial and error, sweat and tears, so you don’t have to suffer (as much).


Measure your product development life-cycle at all levels of management – from DevOps and Project Management, to Test Management and knowledge sharing.

All-day Support Bar

Individual 1-on-1 support throughout the day. Questions, concerns, challenges, ideas — we'll help you deal with your most challenging topics.

Networking & Fun

Leverage the opportunity to network with other eazyBI users and experts. Enjoy the interaction and exchange of the experiences and ideas with others.

200€ 150€
(+ VAT 21%)

Get Your Early-Bird Tickets Now
The 25% early bird discount ends on April 14, 2020

Speakers & Topics

Raimonds Simanovskis Founder & Core Developer - eazyBI

Opening Keynote, Latest Features, Future Plans

The past, the present, and the future of eazyBI – where have we been, where are we going, and what you can expect from eazyBI in a near future.

Martins Vanags, Zane Baranovska Support — eazyBI, Latvia

eazyBI + Confluence: The First Date

Get to know the new member of the eazyBI family. Did you know that collaboration could be measured? You will have a date with eazyBI for Confluence and a few use-cases for dinner.

Elvis Kvalbergs CTO - Flex BI, Latvia

Cleaning Up Confluence Mess Based on Data

Confluence is great for content management and creation. It is also great for gathering old, outdated and not needed content in places you wouldn't even think of looking for it. How to find the most popular and needed pages? How to remove only unnecessary ones? EazyBI for Confluence will tell help with that.

Marten Thorand, Christian Pfister Demicon — Germany, Swarmit – Switzerland

Test Management with eazyBI

Good and integrated test management is one of the supreme disciplines in software development. But why should we limit test management only to software development? With Xray you can easily test your eazyBI reports to make sure they work as expected. Also, you can use eazyBI to keep an overview of the current status and your report life cycle.

Janis Plume Support — eazyBI, Latvia

Things to Know about the Burn-Down Chart

The burn-down looks like the trend in progress tracking. A lot of different variations of this chart appears. Let us have a look at how those can be covered with eazyBI and dig deeper into how to make your burn-down charts even more flexible.

Lauma Cirule Support — eazyBI, Latvia

Debugging MDX

Do you ever wonder how calculated measure works and gets to the result? You will learn principles on how to disassemble the calculation to see the results of each step and how to find a faulty part in a formula to fix it.

Janis Vitums Developer — eazyBI, Latvia

Administration of eazyBI for Jira Server

Overview of eazyBI infrastructure and configuration options. Built-in monitoring features and good-to-know things for running eazyBI. Some advice for configuration.

Markus Dieterle CTO - BMW, Germany

Flow Dashboards with eazyBI within a Large Scale Agile Toolchain

Flow Management / Value Stream Management is an emerging topic, but what is it? The talk shows an implementation of eazyBI for our large scale agile toolchain. Within such a toolchain (over 80.000 users) we also need to minimize the effort to provide and operate such dashboards which are also part of the presentation.

Daina Tupule Support — eazyBI, Latvia

Reporting for Teams: eazyBI Story

Work based on facts, not emotions. We will share a story of how we are using eazyBI reports internally.

Janis Gulbis Marketing — eazyBI, Latvia

How To Lie with Charts (And Get Away with It)

The information around us is being manipulated. Facts are often presented in a way that is misleading, having us make incorrect conclusions and decisions. How to spot a LIE when you see it?

Gerda Zandersone Support — eazyBI, Latvia

Jira Admin’s Journey to eazyBI

When Jira admin becomes an eazyBI team member, it is so obvious to look at everything through the Jira admin “eyes”. Find out how did it go and what happened next on the journey.

Janis Liepa Developer — eazyBI, Latvia

Don’t Make Me Think About UI

The best User Interface is the one that doesn’t make you think about it, yet to create one WE have to think about UI a lot. The eazyBI UI developer sharing his experience on how we think about UI so our users can think about other things more.

Roberts Cacus Support — eazyBI, Latvia

Building Reports on Different Data Sources

An introduction on how to get three separate data sources working together to create a joint perspective.

Gvido Neilands Consultant — Flex BI, Latvia

Dealing With Large Data Analytics at Narvesen

Pushing boundaries of eazyBI possibilities is fun because of the great support from eazyBI team. In this case we were approached by a big retail company to implement retail data analytics for 250 stores. Performance of reports on 50 million data rows was not good, but this is where the fun was just starting…

Lauma Cirule, Ilze Leite-Apine Support — eazyBI, Latvia

eazyBI Support in Action: Scenes From the Backstage

eazyBI support with heads held high can pride itself with happy customers and five-star reviews. How did the team get there, hold there and does not fade out? From what we expect of each other, from company and customers - revealing all that helps us help you!

Day 1 - May 14

Individual 1:1 consulting sessions with eazyBI experts to help you solve your biggest challenges, answer your questions, troubleshoot issues, and implement new solutions — look for the eazyBI Support Bar. (Support Bar closed from 13:30-15:30 during hands-on training)

Day 2 - May 15

Meet the community, gain insights, learn new things and take them back to the customers and the team - those are the benefits mentioned by many participants.
Wondering what are top reasons Elvis ( has been joining all eazyBI Community Days events in Riga? In short - it is product, team and networking.
Basic sessions mixed with training and lightening talks from experienced community members makes it a good mix for users with different levels of expertise with eazyBI.
Looking for the ways to learn more about eazyBI? Follow Sajid’s (Stretch) approach and join the eazyBI Community Days to sharpen your skills and network with the community.
Victor is impressed by the number of different uses cases of eazyBI. He also shared his customer story during the eazyBI Community Days 2019 in Riga.
MDX - what is it and how to crack it? Leverage the advantage and step change your eazyBI skills by learning from the experts - that’s one of Kitty’s (Avisi) takeaway from our event!
Wondering if eazyBI Community Days are for you? Find it out from the eazyBI Founder and CEO Raimonds Simanovskis and we hope to meet you on our events in 2020!

Venue next to Daugava and Old Town

Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara hotel, Krogus street 1, Riga.

Located on the west bank of the Daugava River, close to the city center and many top attractions. The Park Inn Riga Valdemara is just a 12-minute drive from Riga International Airport (RIX) and in a 20min walking distance from Historic Center of Riga — Recognized by UNESCO World Heritage as having an outstanding universal value.

Recommended Nearby Hotels

Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara

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Public Transport

Riga Airport is approximately 13 kilometers from the centre of Riga You can take bus No. 22.

RedCab Taxi

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