Sep 11, 2017

Add-on Discovery Day 2017

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Extend Your Atlassian Tools and Transform What Your Teams Can Do

Gain insight into transformative new ways to extend your teams' Atlassian tools through engaging presentations and one-to-one discussions. Nine leading Marketplace add-on makers teaming up to offer a deep dive into the ways that add-ons can make teams more effective.
Nine Add-on Discovery Day Vendor Logos

Introducing eazyBI – From Basic Reports to Custom Calculations and Advanced Settings.

The helpful eazyBI SuperMan What gets measured, gets done! How to measure your Jira projects effectively?

eazyBI Keynote Presentation

Who we are, what we do, and how we got here. What are the limitations of the built-in Jira reporting and what can you do about it.

eazyBI Keynote Slides

eazyBI Overview – Reports, Charts, Dashboards

Learn the basics of eazyBI – import Jira standard and custom fields data, explore sample reports, create new reports and different charts types, create dashboards, embed eazyBI gadgets in Jira dashboards and Confluence pages.

eazyBI for Agile Teams

Learn more how to use eazyBI to analyze Jira Software projects. Analyze agile projects by sprints, epics, stories. Track sprint committed scope and track changes during the sprint. Burn-down and burn-up charts by story points and estimated hours.

eazyBI for Service Teams

Explore how to analyze Jira Service Desk projects with eazyBI. Analyze created and resolved issues, resolution time, age of open issues. Analyze any defined SLA, track SLA breaches, SLA cycle time, drill through to individual issues.

eazyBI for Test Management

Learn about eazyBI integrations with popular Jira test management add-ons (Xray, Zephyr, Adaptavist). Track test execution status, requirements coverage, identified defects.

eazyBI for Planning and Budgeting

Discover how to use eazyBI for planning and budgeting. Define additional issue hierarchies for data aggregation. Import other financial data for budgeting. Current workarounds and future planned integrations with other planning and budgeting add-ons (Jira Portfolio, Tempo Budgets).

eazyBI for Other Data Sources

Import and analyze data from other data sources. Analyze Git commit logs, import data from REST API and SQL sources. Transform REST API data with JavaScript before importing into eazyBI.

Jira User Data Definition

Zephyr Assignee Definition

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